The London Family Fund

The Mayor is offering £600,000 over three years to improve social networks, reduce isolation and bring children and families together. The London Family Fund will provide grants of up to £85,000 to innovative projects that promote social integration in London.

What is the London Family Fund?

The London Family Fund is part of the Mayor of London’s strategy to make the capital a more socially integrated city. Read more about the Mayor’s strategy for social integration.

The Mayor wants to fund grassroots projects that help bring Londoner’s together. Bids will be encouraged from parenting organisations, local community groups, early years providers, family services and others who want to promote greater social integration among parents and families.

Improving social integration means helping Londoners to build meaningful and lasting relationships with each other. It involves supporting them to be active in their communities and to play a part in the decisions that affect them. It also means reducing barriers and inequalities, so that Londoners can relate to each other as equals.

Having children is something many people have in common and we want to build on this shared experience. This will help more Londoners to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with each other no matter their ethnicity, income, social class or disability.

The fund will encourage families from diverse backgrounds to come together for mutual support and a common purpose. It will help them to build more diverse networks with families from different backgrounds. This will include with local families who may otherwise face loneliness or disadvantage.


What will the fund do?

The Fund will:

  • support projects that bring families together to increase social integration
  • generate more diverse social networks, reduce parental isolation and loneliness, and improve the wellbeing of children

What types of activity will it fund?

The fund will focus on four priority themes: key transitions; new connections; deeper relationship and common purpose. The below examples are purely illustrative and we welcome applications for any projects that will enhance the quality of life and the environment of communities.

Key transitions

Examples of activity this might fund:

  • ante-natal and post-natal support, especially for parents having their first child, but also for subsequent births
  • family-to-family support for parents going back to work and children starting school (for example, looking after each other’s children so parents can attend job interviews, sharing knowledge on supporting children with starting school)

New connections

Examples of activity this might fund:

  • new apps and websites that enable parents to meet other parents in their local area
  • drawing on common interests (for example, sport or language learning) to diversify social networks among families
  • building on diverse parental networks to support social integration in the local community more broadly

Deeper relationships

Examples of activity this might fund:

  • activities for families around a nursery or children’s centre, that support unifying experiences and help to form genuine relationships between parents
  • families coming together to host activities in local streets, parks and cafés, which are open to all

Common purpose

Examples of activity this might fund:

  • applying community organising principles to the challenges of parenting and family life in London, to form groups of parents that advocate for change
  • developing campaigns and movements that engage parents, carers, professionals and children
  • supporting parent-led or family-led models for informal childcare (for example, early years playgroups and crèches, stay and play) that addresses a local need

The London Family Fund has a two-stage application process.

Deadline for initial applications (expressions of interest) at stage one is:

Midday, Friday 27 April 2018.

Successful applicants at stage one will be invited to submit a stage two application by

Midday, Friday 22 June 2018.